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Hello people who bothered to read my journals.
I'm deeply sorry for everyone who has waited a long period of time and has considered commissioning me. I deeply am grateful for you to even consider commissioning me in the first place. Drawing is something I love to do and after opening my commissions... It's become quite a chore for me now. Drawing stopped being just a thing I loved to do. I wanted to keep myself motivated, telling myself it's just an artist block. But there are times where I just want to draw freely, without the need of having a deadline in the end. I am not saying I'm quitting drawing entirely. It's something I still love to do. I just want to stop taking commissions and freely drawing on my own. There will be times where I will open commissions, but that would be very rarely and I would most likely open only 1 ~ 2 slots. There is still, however, weekly sketches that I will do. I will only do sketches and I will probably only sketch 1 ~ 4 a week, depending on my mood to draw. I'll make sure to make a new journal soon about the weekday sketches!~

Thank you for reading this all and I'm sorry for everyone who was waiting on their request/commission.
For people who I owe a prize to ( iPandicorn ) I will gladly work on your prize now, as it is fair. 
[2014.08.10] Quick Updates by CherryKokoroPromise
[2014.08.10] Quick Updates
It's been quite a while since I've picked up my tablet and started drawing. I'm a little rusty and it's been a while since I last drew.
I just wanted to write a quick update about all requests and commissions and how my style is right now.
As you can see, I kind of shifted to a different style. I'm sorry it looks derpy because I didn't have much time to fix it haha... 

What has been going on:
I've been busy over the summer, dealing with drama and family problems for a while. I didn't realize I'd be this busy and the times when I'm not, I'm working on commissions or requests that are LONG overdue. I sincerely apologize if you feel like I have scammed you or anything close to that. Feel free to message me and I'll send back your points asap. 
Why I haven't been responding much to messages is the fact that I've been either 1) too lazy to do so or 2) too busy to do so. 
I never expected to be this busy and I haven't been drawing for a while now.
Thank you for taking your time to read this  .


biron by Emoji-kun

"m y . c o l o r . i s . y o u"
Name || Cera Le
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